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1. Learning Notes Download With Full Crack is intended for intermediate to advanced students who are learning how to play scales on a keyboard.
2. It is based on the method described by David Morton in the book “1st Grade Piano”.
3. The display shows the fingering in a horizontal stave plus the position of the fingering on a vertical stave.
4. The notes for scales can be shown as a pentagram or as a circle.
5. The application will allow you to play a scale and view a circle of notes or a pentagram.
6. The program can also display the content of a music book, so that you can play that book as you learn.
7. Learning Notes For Windows 10 Crack is an idea on how to play pieces with a specific fingering.

What can you do with Learning Notes?
1. You can set your input and output devices and then play a scale, a chord or a piece of music using the current note as a reference.
2. You can also play a chord with reference to one note, and play a scale in reference to another note.
3. You can play one note as a reference and then play a chord in reference to that note.

To play scales and chords in reference to a note, select the key “1” on the input device and then select the scale or chord that you want to play.

Before you can start to play a piece, the application will ask you to select the input device. If you do not have an input device selected you can select your keyboard or midi keyboard device. If your keyboard or midi keyboard device is set in the input device, it is selected automatically. If it is not selected then you can select it by pressing the key “4” on your keyboard or midi keyboard device. The application will then ask if you want to select your keyboard or midi keyboard device. If you select your keyboard or midi keyboard device then it is automatically set to the input device. If you select the keyboard or midi keyboard device that is in the input device the application will show the current input device. If you select the keyboard or midi keyboard device that is not in the input device the application will show “none” in the input device field.

Learning Notes Crack License Keygen [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

1) The application will open when you press the ‘Start’ button in the ‘Start’ menu, with the MIDI keyboard attached.
2) Pressing any key of the keyboard will trigger a symbol to appear, for each key, corresponding to the note of that key (see ‘Pentagram Display’ for an example).
3) The notes heard when pressing a key will be heard, and their hexagram display will be shown.
4) You may set the input and output MIDI devices (as in the ‘Tools’ menu).
5) The ‘OK’ and ‘Close’ buttons allow you to stop the application and exit.
6) MIDI output devices will be displayed in the ‘Input Devices’ section.
7) All other devices can be added through the ‘Add’ button.
8) The current MIDI device selected in the ‘Input Devices’ will be displayed in the ‘Output Devices’ section.
9) The application displays the ‘Pentagram Display’ (in the ‘Appearance’ section), which shows the current note in the stave.
10) With the ‘Settings’ button, you can modify the devices listed in the ‘Input Devices’ and the ‘Output Devices’.
In ‘Tools’ you can add notes to the pentagram display (see ‘Add Note’), modify the note position (see ‘Set Note Position’) and make pentagrams of any note (see ‘Delete Pentagram’).
In ‘Appearance’ you can change the font of the note symbols.
In ‘Output Devices’ you can select a MIDI output device.
In ‘Input Devices’ you can select a MIDI input device.
In ‘General’ you can specify the start of the program execution, the ‘Current note’ and the ‘Scale’ to be used.
11) The application can run in two modes: it can be displayed on the system startup (mode ‘System’), or can be opened from the ‘Start’ menu (mode ‘App’).
This is a first prototype, with no attempt to fix all the shortcomings of the software.
1) No MIDI synthesizer is currently supported.
2) No ‘How to play’ documentation is available (see ‘Documentation’ section).
3) Very poor sound quality.
4) Some of the note symbols are missing.
5) Very poor user

Learning Notes Crack + Download [Mac/Win]

Whats New:

Version 0.6.2
– Finalized the device & viewport manager
– Added the ability to save sessions
– Added the option to select a file to load the session
– Fixed some crashes
– Fixed some issues with device loading
– Fixed some other issues with viewport position
– Fixed some issues with the autoscroll feature
– Fixed the track-shift on/off

Version 0.6.1
– New UI
– Improved the position of the device-list (start-pos)
– Improved the autoscroll support (X/Y)
– Improved the search feature
– Improved the search hint
– Fixed an issue where an empty session is loaded

Version 0.6
– New UI
– Improvements on the current configuration (see in the screenshots)
– Improvements on the timing and layout
– Improvements on the note editor
– Improvements on the viewport location manager
– Improvements on the searching feature
– Improvements on the keyboard mode
– Improvements on the note order and position
– Improvements on the viewport size (X/Y)
– Improvements on the autoscroll support
– Improvements on the session saving
– Improvements on the font size
– Improvements on the layout-factory and the Viewport Manager
– Improvements on the keyboard layout

Version 0.5
– New UI
– Improvements on the device-manager
– Improvements on the layout-manager
– Improvements on the keyboard-manager
– Improvements on the keyboard device-sensitivity
– Improvements on the tracking for every device
– Improvements on the keyboard colors
– Improvements on the note-editor
– Improvements on the note display
– Improvements on the position-property
– Improvements on the position-reload
– Improvements on the viewport feature
– Improvements on the viewport layout
– Improvements on the viewport size (X/Y)
– Improvements on the options window
– Improvements on the timing feature
– Improvements on the on-off

Version 0.4
– New UI
– Improvements on the note display
– Improvements on the note colors
– Improvements on the note display
– Improvements on the keyboard mode
– Improvements on the keyboard colors
– Improvements on the note order
– Improvements on the viewport layout
– Improvements on the viewport location (X/Y)
– Improvements on the viewport size (X/Y)
– Improvements on the

What’s New in the?

Keyboard and notes for the midi scale

Note detection:

For your safety a note is detected in real time. The application also offers a test mode where you can send a midi note from the keyboard directly to the sound card and checks whether the note was recognized and the output corresponds to the input note.


To install the Notes, extract the archive file with an archiver and start the application.

You can easily switch between the input and output devices with the buttons “Main input/output” and “Main input/output”.

Configure the input and output devices to your setup. The input devices are mainly used to record the played notes. The output devices are used to play the note that you hear.

It is recommended to set the output devices to the exact same settings as the input devices. Otherwise you might not be able to play the notes correctly, because the note detection algorithm works on pitch.


This program is still under construction, and there are bugs, that are not yet fixed. Please report any bugs or suggestions to Advertising Read more

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.66 GHz) / AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM
Storage: 3GB available space
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Video: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT with 1 GB of dedicated video memory
Input devices: Keyboard, mouse
Monitor: 1280