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-A small program to remove empty folders
-Quick and easy to use
-In-place changes
The program offers you a convenient and easy way to remove all empty folders.
Support for a variety of languages is included:
English – French – Italian – Portuguese – Spanish – German – Greek – Japanese – Norwegian – Chinese Simplified – Chinese Traditional – Russian – Polish – Czech – Hungarian – Romanian – Slovenian – Bulgarian – Spanish (Latin America) – Spanish (Mexico) – Spanish (Spain) – Spanish (Chile) – Arabic – Chinese Traditional – French (Latin America) – Spanish (Philippines) – Italian (Italy) – Italian (Switzerland) – Portuguese (Portugal) – Turkish – Polish – Brazilian Portuguese – Czech – Romanian – Ukrainian – Slovak – Greek – Russian – Mongolian – Vietnamese – Hungarian – Bulgarian – Ukrainian – Slovak – Filipino
JoséDelEmpty Pros:
– A small program
– Quick and easy to use
– In-place changes
JoseDelEmpty Activation Code Cons:
– It didn’t delete some empty folders

Many people have asked if it would be possible to simulate mouse input to the host PC by using a different hardware device
before installing a game or some application. This application is a tool to let you create the software mouse drivers in DOS.
MouseSimulator Description:
-A software mouse simulation application
-You can simulate mouse events using different keyboards, mice, joysticks,…
-Easy installation
-Easy to use
MouseSimulator Pros:
– You don’t need to buy any hardware
– You can use it anywhere
– Easy to use
MouseSimulator Cons:
– It didn’t simulate specific mouse events

Firmware Flasher is a software for updating low level Firmware (BIOS, UEFI) from different
brand laptops.
It also allows you to flash all the USB Drivers that your machine comes with (Video, Keyboard, Mice, etc.)
The only limitation that you have is the time of the Flashing process, because all the data will be written on your hard drive.
Firmware Flasher Description:
-A program to update the firmware
-Easy and quick to use
-Approved by some different brand laptops manufacturers
The program offers you a convenient and easy way to update your firmware. The App can be used by any windows user
without any restriction of hardware. The only limitation that you have is the speed of your internet

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All files that will not contain any file.
JoseDelEmpty will:
Search all folders that are not empty
Search all file names that are not empty
Search for files that are empty
Search for file or folder names that are empty
JoseDelEmpty Version:

The Cristal application was designed to automatically add a custom background image
Cristal Description:
The Cristal Application was designed to add a custom background image or image in the same directory. It searches the folder that you pick or the root directory for an image to be added. If it finds an image, Cristal will then ask you if you would like to replace the existing image with the custom background image or add the new image to the image location that you first selected. The button to select is very clear and has been placed in the software to enhance your ease of use.
Cristal will:
Search for images in the directory.
Search for images in the root directory.
Display images.
Replace existing background images.
Add new image in location you select.
Cristal Version:

2) If you want to use a different background image in Windows XP than you may use this:

3) If you would like to make the welcome message different just use your favorite editor and modify these strings:
‘Welcome to:
‘This is:
‘Your system
‘This program is freeware, but if you like the program just download it.
‘This software is made by ‘
‘If you have any problems with it just send me a note.
‘Your host:
‘Your login:
‘Your password:

4) A great way to make your screen resolution look better is to use Custom Menu extension v3.10:

5) If you want to change the welcome message, go to the tool > settings > preference > welcome and change the text.

6) Add to the link description of the

JoseDelEmpty Crack+

JoseDelEmpty is a small and tiny program that will make sure the number of empty folders in a given folder tree is reduced.
Once the folder tree is empty, JoseDelEmpty creates a new empty folder in the root, and then move all files to them, including any sub-folders.
Download JoseDelEmpty
What is new in version 0.3:
– Fixed a bug that created a folder with the name of the current directory
The number of folders without files was increased by 95 percent (36,592 folders as of January 2011) by using the batch method to list all empty folders. A significant increase in speed. JoseDelEmpty is programmed to use batching automatically.
Because of this increase in speed, the list of folders to be deleted can be rotated once per day
This makes it possible to have an infinite number of empty folders in a folder tree.
Also, the amount of space that will be freed is increased by 95 percent.
The operation of deleting the folders is also done in batch.
You can use the following commands to run JoseDelEmpty
– An empty folder
– A directory that contains sub-directories, and no files
For each of these commands, the program will increase the batch size to the size used by a full scan.
To use the -e switch, click on the button with the red text.
The program will now display the new list of folders to be deleted.
With the switch -e, in some situations, will repeat all operations without deleting the folders.
– Confirmations
– A confirmation before each operation in batch
– Properties
– Debug mode
– A launch window with debug information
– Bug
– A detailed bug in debug mode
– To install: The installation file for the first version is the same as that of version 0.1 (JoseDelEmpty.exe)
– To uninstall:
1.- Delete the file JoseDelEmpty.exe
2.- Delete the directory that contains JoseDelEmpty.exe
3.- Delete the registry entry of the current version of JoseDelEmpty
– To run: Open the file JoseDelEmpty.exe
– To get support: For support or to report an error, write to the developer:
– Contact José Delgado, download the file JoseDelEmpty.rar or
– Write to the developer:
Download JoseDelEmpty for free (Freeware) – JoseDelEmpty DetailsBiden

What’s New in the JoseDelEmpty?

Is a little program designed to completely empty (zero size) all folders. In the program is stored the path of the folders to be erased.

– Freeware JoseDelEmpty ; Version 1.2 ; 03.12.2010

– Carlos A. Gonzales (Carlos.Computing)


There is a software out there that will empty your memory, it is called the Master Crap Cleaner, by the way it will clear the memory, unless you keep your programs, tools and old versions of programs. For those who need to do this “quick and dirty” go to this site:

You can find the free version of the application here:

Tell me what you think, it is a simple application that gets rid of old data.

– Anti Aliasing of Text; Version ; 06.07.2010


This is a small application that removes the aliasing effect of text, increasing the font size for more clarity and bringing more detail to a font. The application is designed to work in small screens and low resolution devices.

This program removes the “aliasing effect” in files, images, videos and other multimedia that result from a low resolution monitor or portable device, the result is a more intuitive and clearer image that looks more like the original.

The program easily opens the file and removes the problem, the result is a more intuitive and clearer image.

By using this program is not necessary to open the file; it works directly with the system.

The program runs in the background without affecting other applications,the system or session.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (SP3)
Processor: 1.6GHz CPU or faster
Memory: 512MB RAM
Graphics: 1024×768 Display or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 2GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Changes are sometimes made to improve gameplay, and sometimes just because we feel like it.
(Please always play the game on the lowest graphic setting for optimal performance.)