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Considering the exploding volumes of data companies require to manage on a daily basis, it does not come as a surprise that technologies that provide better resources utilization are becoming more attractive. While an overall good approach, if you are having serious issues with data storage costs, then perhaps you can consider a data deduplication solution.
Remadder Portable is a utility that enables you to track duplicates within large databases containing RAW data and delete them so that you can decrease your storage needs and the costs associated with them.
It supports for Trigram similarity and Levenshtein distance functions
The strong point of the program stems from the method it employs to identify and eliminate obsolete data. To put it simply, the app uses an algorithm that allows it to analyze potential similarities that could exist between two databases which do not appear to have a unique identifier.
Depending on the size of the database and time available, you can choose to compare the data using the Levenshtein, Trigram similarity function or both. While the Trigram similarity function is a good option when searching for large differences, the Levenshtein function could be more helpful in situations when you need to find small deviations.
You can define the parameters for the duplicate handling solutions
After you set the criteria for the comparison, you need to explain the solution, so that the program knows how to handle the duplicates it identifies. It is worth mentioning that you can configure multiple solutions for a single project, an option that can save you time when exploring a large database.
You can define the solution by filling in the necessary information in the dedicated fields, meaning the header, match relations and the other constraints. When configuring the aforementioned solution sections, it is recommended that you limit your analysis to a subset of data and ensure you get more relevant results.
On a side note, you should know that the utility employs a remote PostgreSQL server for processing the data, yet the complexity of operating the SQL queries is considerably reduced, thanks to the intuitive interface.
A tool that can help you save storage and costs
In case you are considering various methods of cutting down operation costs, then Remadder Portable can help you save some storage space by eliminating redundant data that you might be keeping without even realizing.







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Saved storage on hard drive, backup etc.

True and False data

Identify duplicates

Trigram similarity, Levenshtein distance, and multiple solutions function

Works with PostgreSQL databases

Portable for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Uses the Levenshtein, Trigram similarity and multiple solutions functions

Estimate total number of duplicates (including false positives and false negatives)

Configure the database connection.

Set Trigram similarity, Levenshtein distance and multiple solutions

Use template for database schema.

Select fields to identify duplicates and false positives/negatives.

Configure the look and feel

Correcting false positives and negatives.

Formatting your output.

You can compare the database with multiple solutions.

Integrate the database with external software.

Go to the license page

Uninstall the program

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REMASTERING the data using Trigram similarity and Levenshtein distance functions.




The purpose of this manual is to explain how to use the Remadder Portable Torrent Download application to remove duplicates from your data, which can occur due to the reason that a given entry is entered into the data twice or a record is created. If the text is removed from the database, then in some cases, this could result in data duplication. Trigram similarity is a function that allows for the detection of duplicate records. What is required is that you enter all of the unique fields of the record, then you will be able to determine that you have a duplicate record. A test run of the application will then be completed to verify the functionality of the program.

The method of comparison is based on the Levenshtein distance algorithm, an adequate comparison method for data that is located in the same format (number, text, or date). This distance calculation will help you identify the smallest changes to the items so that you can accurately detect duplicates. To complete this process, you will need to input the fields that you require to compare and describe the behavior that you want for the removal of duplicates.

It is worth noting that the program can be configured to allow you to identify duplicates based on the similarity of the text but also make certain that the similarity is below a certain

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Utility with the capacity to calculate various statistics regarding the provided database. Thus, you can quickly analyze for example, item popularity, the amount of content, the size of the database.
The application includes an embedded SQLite database, which provides all the information about the database in a convenient way. Thus, you can quickly examine all the metrics without installing the application.
All of the information is saved in the same file. Thus, you can use the produced statistics to identify areas where improvements can be made.
Remadder Portable Activation Code supports the identification of duplicates using the Levenshtein, Trigram similarity, the reverse Levenshtein similarity and the Reverse Jaro-Winkler measures. Also, you can set the degree of similarities that need to be applied.
The application allows you to create the rules to identify duplicates within a database. Furthermore, the data can be analyzed using 3 algorithms, which are Levenshtein, Trigram and Reverse Levenshtein similarity.
The application is delivered as a portable package so that you can easily install it on your system.

The developer introduces a tool that is called “My HP Softcenter Cloud” with the following features:

Search for necessary tools

Manage the used tools in the device

Turn the tools into your computer’s folder

Download the tools to computer

Get the online access for the tools

Storage capacity

Hardware identification

Recovery data

Latest version

Create and repair

Additional file

Basic edition

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Creation of restore

Creation of an archive

Supports of the backup and restore

Purchase the license

The application is delivered as a portable package, which enables you to install the utility on your computer. Thus, it is not required to register and use it online.

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Remadder Portable is a free download that will enable you to locate duplicated records in your database, without creating a snapshot of it.
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I was recently looking for a data deduplication solution that is suitable for large databases (thousands to millions of records) and small databases (a few thousands records). As I became more and more frustrated, I began to wonder how I can find the best data deduplication tool.

After a bit of research, I found out that there is no best data deduplication tool available. What is right for you as a database administrator, what is appropriate for you as a database user, is entirely based on your requirements, your preferences and what you are willing to pay. So after searching for a bit, I decided to create Remadder Portable as a tool that can analyze your data for you so that you can implement it on your database and save some storage space. Remadder Portable is a FREE download.

I have created a small demo of a database with a couple of records in it so that you can test Remadder Portable. I will be happy to share my experience with you.

I do not want this tool to just give me an answer. I want to create a tool that will analyze the database and suggest solutions that I can apply to my database.

Please contact me if you are interested in this tool and I will provide you with a list of recommended tools that you can download for your database.

What are you waiting for? Download Remadder Portable today and make your data deduplication easier. Field and Description


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Remader Portable is a data deduplication utility that will scan your files for duplicate data. Remadder Portable will also remove these duplicates, and when fully automated, it will send the processed files to a remote server via secure FTP or SFTP, in order to save storage space on your computer and also save your bandwidth. Once the files have been scanned by Remader Portable, it will look for patterns of duplication in any type of files, such as binary files, and delete duplicate files. It is a file scanning and data deduplication software utility. As stated earlier, one of the benefits of this program is that it saves storage space and bandwidth.Treatment of human non-hodgkin’s lymphoma cell lines by silibinin.
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Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista 64bit.
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo / AMD Phenom™ X4 9850 / Intel® Core™ 2 Duo / AMD Phenom™ II X4 9550
2GB Graphics Card.
15GB Hard Drive Space.
3GB Free Space on C:/ Program Files/ Bioware
D3D11 compatible graphics card and DirectX 9.0c compliant.
3.4 Ghz Processor or faster