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Virtualcol E-Jet Embraer 170/175 Series
Virtualcol support: 1-866-472-2250
Free Download Virtualcol – JET STREAMER FOR FS2004
Virtualcol – JET STREAMER FOR FS2004


When dealing with Airplanes that are not natively supported by a flight simulator, there’s always the possibility of using a third party conversion package. Virtualcol offers such a product for “E-jets Embraer E170-175”, and we are currently selling them.
You’re welcome to use the original FS2004 SDK, and utilize our configuration tool to allow for conversion. If you do this, you will need to convert all ground textures to PBR, as well as any special textures on the wing section. You will also need to enable PBR on all terrains you use. You will still need to have a good satellite installation to correctly use the “missing” instrumentation. This way, you can still use the original “airspace” textures while getting an identical look/feel on the ground and in the air.

You’re welcome to use the FSX SDK, as well. This is a standalone package that allows you to purchase aircraft that have been ported to FSX, and enjoy the same conversion with respect to RealFlight and possibly the other popular flight simulation program that are currently in existence.
For the “E170”, Virtualcol offers the following mods with support for FSX:

For the “E175”, Virtualcol offers the following mods with support for FSX:

If you have a book on PBR, you can learn a lot by reading the included PBR text file documentation. Also, Virtualcol includes a PBR configuration tool that you can use to find out exactly what you have to enable, and how. You can buy Virtualcol later for $89.99, which includes a 30 day trial to the “Commercial” version of “Virtualcol FS”.
You’re free to work as you like. Virtualcol FS does allow you to purchase additional elements for the “E170” and the “E175” airframes at any time, and offers various


They have 16 seats and a range of aircraft that include the Embraer 170, 175, and 195. Factsheet – Embraer 170/175/195 Series – Link to MFD Files.
jetpol.com – The P3D Flight Simulator is a fairly new simulator from SimHook. Includes the complete Airbus 320 series as well as the West.

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 5th Edition Macmillan. The use of 3D technology across a wide range of other applications, from military to entertainment, has.Q:

Infinite loop while using cmake with GoogleTest using Xcode as CMake Project

First off let me say that I’m a newbie to CMake.
I’m trying to create a wrapper for the Google Test Framework with Cmake for XCode as my build machine
I’ve got an Issues when creating the project in XCode from the terminal:
clang: error: no such file or directory: ‘/Applications/Xcode-beta.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/clang’
clang: error: no input files
make: *** [build/Release/CMakeFiles/CppUnitTest.dir/all] Error 1

The script for creating the framework that I used works on a web project, but not on Xcode.
When trying to solve this issue, I found similar issue:
cmake: error: The CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER: Xcode = clang

I tried to solve the issue by following the steps in this article:
How to solve CMake Error: The CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER: Xcode = clang?

But it doesn’t resolve the issue for me.
My CMakeLists.txt is simply like that:
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.4.1)






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