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**Elements**. A new and very popular program for a variety of reasons. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a free program that incorporates basic image editing features in a more user-friendly interface. It’s the first step to Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements has a built-in library of products, templates, and plug-ins that make it good for beginners.

Photoshop and Elements are two separate programs. If you already know how to use Photoshop, Elements can help you transition to the more advanced program. With both programs, you have the ability to set a background, add and delete layers, and perform some basic editing tasks.

Elements allows you to resize images or add a frame. It also allows you to crop images and adjust the color and other characteristics of the image. The most useful feature in Photoshop and Elements is the ability to duplicate, cut, and paste your image.

Both programs allow you to create a variety of art effects (Chapter 6) through the use of special brushes and filters, and Elements includes the brush engine that is found in Photoshop.

The most useful feature of the programs is the ability to add layers. You add several new layers of your own design in Photoshop, and multiple layers can be combined in Elements. You can adjust the color, text, and layer opacity in both programs. Elements has a few other features, such as crop, rotation, and a few other functions that allow you to adjust the image.

**PsPad**. A website, PsPad, created by Adobe’s own engineers, enables users to perform basic image adjustments and effects, without the intimidating interface of Photoshop.

PsPad is free and it’s a great way for people to improve their general image editing skills without shelling out a ton of cash. You can use your standard web browser to navigate the site.

**iPhoto**. This application is built into Apple’s operating system, and most users won’t have to purchase the app as a standalone entity. iPhoto is a wonderful app to use because it allows you to edit your images.

This program has a robust gallery capability, and offers a great number of editing tools, including a resize feature. It enables you to apply effects, control the size, and much more.

Figure 9-4: Use Photoshop and Elements to improve your photography in a number of different ways.

Photoshop offers some text features that allow you to edit and create text from scratch. Elements has a feature to allow you to

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Adobe Photoshop is the global standard for editing digital images. It is the centerpiece of Adobe’s Creative Suite, a bundle of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver and Fireworks. It is used by professionals and hobbyists worldwide. It is the application you are probably using right now.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an alternative to Photoshop for hobbyists who want to edit images. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


You can edit 10 RAW photos or a RAW Canon DSLR camera without large file size.

You can save and open multiple RAW files at once.

You can quickly open multiple RAW files in the list.

You can resize the image and work with it in the correct size.

You can work with both 24-bit and 16-bit file sizes.

You can work on RAW files without the need to convert them into the JPEG format.

Your edits can be saved and reloaded as a template.

You can convert a RAW file into a JPEG file.

You can change the JPG compression setting to slow the image down.

You can choose whether or not you want to use a filter.

You can choose whether you want to remove noise from a RAW file before saving.

You can use common camera settings to create the best image possible.

You can use a lens correction filter to create more detailed images.

You can convert a RAW file into a greyscale image.

You can work with both RAW and JPEG files.

You can open RAW files from a Sony DSLR camera.

You can save a version of a photo for printing.

You can use a pattern to crop in Photoshop Elements.

You can edit a RAW file.

You can edit any file size image, including large files like PDF documents.

You can resize and crop images.

You can remove the background.

You can add text to your photos.

You can create fonts and use them on your files.

You can save a copy of your image to put it into a template.

You can apply curves to your images.

You can add a logo to your files.

You can adjust the color of your files.

You can change the color palette.

You can change the appearance of your files.

You can correct an image

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French Revolution: The End of Modern History

The French Revolution, George Washington was told when he arrived in Paris on the night of July 8, 1789, was “The most astonishing event that ever happened in the world.

History is full of events that appear inexplicable, inexplicable to the conventional wisdom of the time. The French Revolution was one of those. By the end of the eighteenth century, Britain and France were vital economic and military powers, the two capitals of Europe and each ruled by a monarch closely linked with the country’s long-established aristocracy. At the end of the eighteenth century, King Louis XVI and his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette, owned the most opulent palace in Europe and thousands of servants to look after their needs.

The aristocracy was not much less secure. At the height of the monarchy’s influence in 1788, French aristocrats owned nine estates out of every ten in the country and owned about 40 percent of all land. The aristocracy and the church controlled the French economy. They held the government’s purse strings and controlled the food supplies, the prices of commodities, and the amount of money in circulation. The flow of money from the state was controlled entirely by them. The executive branch of government was the King’s Council of State; the legislative branch was Parliament; the judiciary was the tribunals. There was no Constitution, no Bill of Rights and no rights of the governed.

In October 1789, the public grew restive as they faced a rising cost of living and a stagnant economy in the wake of the American Revolution. The tone of this discontent was reflected in the birth of the Paris Commune of 1789, a radical movement in support of violent resistance to authority. On July 2, 1789, a crowd of around 200 armed insurgents stormed the Paris Bastille prison. With the event, the idea of the Revolution spread, albeit very quickly. On July 14, a crowd of between a hundred thousand and two hundred thousand people assembled on the Champ de Mars to discuss the meaning of the Bastille’s fall. As they listened to speakers, they embraced the rallying cry, “The nation is rising!”

For many years, the monarchy was the model for the form of government in the rest of Europe. Monarchs ruled their countries by divine right, and their subjects pledged their allegiance to the king alone. Every step of the way, France was seen as a model for the rest of Europe,

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# Copyright 2013-2020 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and other
# Spack Project Developers. See the top-level COPYRIGHT file for details.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR MIT)

The jamberry userspace Python Library for testing.
from spack import *

class PythonJamberryTest(PythonPackage):
Python API for testing the latest stable release of jamberry.

homepage = “”
url = “”

version(‘devel’, ‘4.1.0’, versions=[‘all’])

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