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Welcome to the fourth edition of the Chaos Space Marines series for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy universe!Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Chaos Space Marines takes the unique PvP combat and deadly tech gameplay of Warhammer 40,000: Gladius and brings it to the universe of Warhammer 40,000!
Experience fast combat, a little strategy, and a whole lot of fun! With three new skirmish maps and a new location (playing as the Chaos Space Marines for the first time), Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Chaos Space Marines for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy universe will keep you coming back for more!

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Gladius Prime: Outpost 1

Description: The Chaos Space Marines have claimed a derelict derelict planet in the Gladius system. Outpost 1 is its name, and its function is to serve as a springboard to the Warp. We have recently arrived, and the Marines are all over the place.

Outpost 1 is a two hex area on a planet with a standard Core, and it is centered around a central hill:

Outpost 1 – Outpost 1 is a two hex arena with a Core that moves as a Core never changes.

But that’s not all. This planet has a lot to offer. To quote the rules:

The planet contains the following five system objectives:

The Atlas (1) – this strange structure contains the relics of the Emperor’s Primarch. He was the one who opened the warp gate to the warp, and it is his enemies who want to prevent him from doing so again. The Primarch has gone mad, and now he has turned on all his followers. He is the most dangerous target for Chaos.

Centrepoint (2) – this is the enemy’s first location on the planet. It will have been built as a base to launch a counterattack against our forces. Close to the Atlas, the enemy might already have a Warpstone Detonator, ready to trigger the activation of the gate. Our forces should be cautious.

Temple (3) – this is the goal of the enemy. A single Primarch of Chaos is holed up in the middle of this temple. He has allied with the Xenos, the chaotic power of the Warp that try to devour the galaxy. This represents a real


Features Key:

  • Over 30 levels of easy to hard, 4 player fun
  • 8 bombs – infinite continues
  • Boss levels to chase…
  • Stunning visual effects
  • A variety of characters to blast
  • No premium purchase required
  • No ads, no in-app purchases, no timers


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Set amount of gold: 1 000 points by default, that can be adjusted in the options.Bonus Points:For every level where you win the match, you will be able to earn bonus points that you can use to purchase an array of cosmetic items for your character! The effects vary from temporary boosts, to permanent outfit changes.Deep Tech Tree:
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What’s new:

Vampires sire new children in the blood of their old comrades, and the hunters die to avenge those they’ve come to save. A new generation of reprehensible bastards is born.

Magic elf and shadow impetigo demon have bewitched a wealthy family in the English countryside. Now they seek a curse of power that would give them an army to destroy the fairy-folk. The curse is the price of one who guards the goblin horde; an ancient, first generation banshee. Can a team of allies gather to hunt down the monster and band together to save the humans she once protected?

While hunting bears, a masked man called the Southern Collector discovers hundreds of manikin statues, then an abandoned mine full of the tiny wooden dolls. Is it his artifact? Can it be used to hunt a being of immense evil?

A centuries-old civilization is struggling to rebuild. Plague and war linger, and madness is a way of life in coastal Vermont. But for a short time one family can experience perfect peace, and then their village will be destroyed.

A collection of vampires — all hunted by the same hunter — arise to train and work together to restore their society. They kill, propagate, and, albeit reluctantly, work for the outside world. They prepare for the coming of their ancient enemy, seek allies, and prepare for a life of war.

The voice spoke to Maxtran’s thoughts. Well, damn.

“The goblin trail takes us across the mountains, past closed villages. There will be no help there. The dwarves cannot cross the mountains; they have begun their own war, and are too busy fighting each other to help.”

“You will take ten trolls, and meet the Sister in the fortress. Leave everything behind and come with me.”

Maxtran looked back at the relics of his clan, memorizing in the face of this desolation. He could not leave them behind. He could never leave them behind. Not again. But if there was a chance, one that he could cherish, it was too bad.

“I will be under your protection while in the city. There is risk; no good hunting ground, though.”

The voice paused briefly, and when it spoke again, it was as if it breathed fire across Maxtran’s face.

“If it is one of your accursed vampires


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Subject: ENE Stockpiling

Mark – this morning I was told by Joe Stepenovich that ENE was holding a
little over $100 million in gas positions at the border. I do not know
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Caroline – today I was talking to Duke’s Scheduling analyst about how much
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Do you have a


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    PC only:
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