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Name Two Worlds – The 3D Art Gallery
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This DLC contains 5 new playable characters:
– Blacksmith
– Wizard
– Forge
– Breaker
– Fighter
Five new weapons are also added to the game:
– Hammers
– Hammers and Suits
– Hammers and Suits
– Hammers and Suits
– Hammers and Suits
“In the North,
the story goes that the Blacksmith was an ordinary man, who at one point in his life, got lost in the mountains. He wandered the mountains and forests for many years, looking for a way out. He finally found his way back home, but the time spent in the mountains, made him crazy. He started wandering around the village, talking to people and asking for directions. By chance, he met a woman from the village, and when he couldn’t find his way out, he made a forge and started to bang and bang hard on the metal, because it reminded him of his home, the home he left. When he finished forging the sword, the Blacksmith left the village, satisfied he found the way out. However, he forgot that he had to make one more sword in order to get out of the village. So, he started to hammer away at his forge, but the more he worked, the crazier he became. Finally, he found himself in a forest, without any weapons, wielding a big hammer. He used that to smash trees and rocks, just to break them, because he found it fun, but it didn’t work too well. When he finished, he turned around to see the Blacksmith Hall in the distance. He walked a little closer to it, and that’s when he was faced with a magic portal, and he walked right through it.
Who is the Blacksmith?
This DLC pack introduces new playable characters:
– Blacksmith
– Wizard
– Forge
– Breaker
– Fighter
And also includes five new weapons:
– Hammers
– Hammers and Suits
– Hammers and Suits
– Hammers and Suits
– Hammers and Suits
“I just found out I’m the Blacksmith.”, said the Blacksmith, while looking at his new weapons and the Hammers and Suits suit.
Who is the Blacksmith?
This DLC pack contains 5 new playable characters:
– Blacksmith
– Wizard
– Forge
– Breaker
– Fighter
And also includes five new weapons:
– Hammers


Two Worlds – The 3D Art Gallery Features Key:

  • 7 new Levels
  • 4 New Environments
  • Improvements to Graphics, Gameplay, and Controls
  • A new Animated Intro
  • New Level Special Effects
  • In our recent interview with Lead Developer Erez Segal, he told us about what went into the development of the new game, and how it compares to the “Velocity” game. Watch the interview to get a deeper look at the Labyrinth of Time game!

    System Requirements:

    • Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
    • At least 4GB RAM


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    Two Worlds – The 3D Art Gallery Download PC/Windows

    ‘Ruling Simulacra’ is an epic world-building strategy game of gods, humans and war in a mystical landscape. You’re awakened to a world of war and bloodshed by the shaking of a stone idol brought back to life. The mysterious stone idol is able to simulate and manipulate reality.

    The Gods got sick of the humans because they ruined their peaceful days. Simulating what they have planned as a way to survive, the Gods made themselves into avatars. When ‘Ruling Simulacra’ ends, you’ll get to decide what the fate of the world will be.

    Your choice of actions will affect the world. You will choose what the humans will decide to become, creating stories and societies of hope or despair, that will either come true or crumble.

    Some parts of the game will be free-form, some will be time-gated. In time-gated events, every action you make will affect an event that occurs in a few days to a few months.

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    You will have to decide and shape your own destiny. The people you helped will remember you and the gods will pay for the sins of the humans.


    – Several Game Modes. The main campaign will have 4 different endgame scenarios that will be connected through branching pathways.

    – Playable Gods. Each God has their own playstyle and personality. Each of them have their own band of followers.

    – Playable Humans. A cast of around 20 human characters. Each human has their own story and character that will shape the games.

    – Landscapes and Characters that bring the story to life. The game will have a wide variety of locations that will look, feel and look like they would in that world. The characters will be fully voiced.

    – Read and Die. You will encounter crazy, funny, grim, and heartbreaking situations. Use your wits, knowledge, and relationships to survive.

    – Deep lore, extensive backstory, and context. The story is told through the eyes of the Gods, humans, and a representative of the Angelic race.

    – Branching story paths. The game has a branching story with many different paths and decisions you can take. You can choose to


    Two Worlds – The 3D Art Gallery Free Download

    Epilogue01. Chapter One – Reborn02. Chapter Two – False Hope3. Chapter Three – Trust4. Chapter Four – The Sinners5. Chapter Five – Redemption6. Chapter Six – Awakening07. Chapter Seven – Liberation08. Chapter Eight – Understanding

    Epilogue01. Chapter One – Reborn02. Chapter Two – False Hope03. Chapter Three – Trust04. Chapter Four – The Sinners05. Chapter Five – Redemption06. Chapter Six – Awakening07. Chapter Seven – Liberation


    A Free to Play RPG with:

    • turn-based, tactical combat with a variety of skill trees• Create your own male or female character using the intuitive options panel• Fully customizable equipment with a vast selection of items from multiple factions• Dialogue choices with a variety of unique responses which affect your conversation choices at different points in the game• Bring back memories of older games using the spell mechanic to recover health, or learn new spells• Acquire a variety of unlockable characters to add to your roster• Action-oriented combat where you can unlock new skills using Arcane Lockboxes• Clever puzzles that require the use of a variety of items such as coins, ammo, lockpicks, and more• A wide variety of enemies, including intelligent robotic versions of popular games characters• Upgrade your characters’ skills using a variety of different crafting materials to unlock new abilities• A variety of gameplay modes with different enemies and challenges to keep you busy throughout the game

    Gameplay Features:

    In The Age of Revival, the Black Anvil confronts a new evil that threatens to destroy all hope for humanity. The remnants of humanity have been scattered across the earth, but the brave survivors have managed to keep a glimmer of hope alive. Meanwhile, humanity’s former science experiment, Artwork Walker, is about to unleash an even greater form of evil – a mechanized T-rex that will lay waste to the last bastion of human civilization. With no hope of surviving, humanity will be forced to continue the fight.

    It is your task to guide Artwork Walker’s forces to victory. When you save humanity from annihilation, you become its hero. But this is not just a standard RPG, as it features numerous gameplay features unique to this title.

    The customization features in the game allow you to create your own avatar. Choose from a variety of default pre-defined characters, or create your own using the intuitive character customization system.

    Master the fighting system by choosing your own battle tactics


    What’s new in Two Worlds – The 3D Art Gallery:

    is a forum for contemporary philosophers and other thinkers on issues both timely and timeless.


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