Nt072 Panasonic Europe V10 Map 18

Nt072 Panasonic Europe V10 Map 18



Nt072 Panasonic Europe V10 Map 18

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In the picture the area with the characters 17 4 5 needs to be highlighted by the the arrow in the middle. The numbers 0 and 2 can be ignored since it’s just part of the character data.

In the case of the actual file in the image it looks like an actual text (in an email application) where the text got corrupted due to a bad download.

In case you want to know what those characters mean:

17 4 5: Number of boxes (10)
7: Number of columns (8)
4: Identifier “PANASONIC”
5: Identifier “EUROPE”

This would mean that the text (boxed in red) would start with:


This is the result of an image file that got downloaded corrupted and of course the line endings of an e-mail application.

If you want to remove (or replace) those characters:
If you open the file with a text editor (it’s a.txt file) and then replace the characters with whatever characters you want, it should work.
I would use a tool like Notepad++ (or a Windows application like “Notepad” or “TextEdit”) to replace the characters:

If you want to remove (or replace) those characters:
If you open the file with a text editor (it’s a.txt file) and then replace the characters with whatever characters you want, it should work. I would use a tool like Notepad++ (or a Windows application like “Notepad” or “TextEdit”) to replace the characters:

Or you could just use your browser’s viewable source (ctrl+u in the firefox tab) and search and replace.

As you can see the New Zealand flag is the same size as ours now. Just the colour has changed from red to green. This does not mean anything about the Queen (or Elvis) or the British, just the colours. I believe the British royal family have 2 children but it is not that important.

With your trip being to far away and you not being able to visit New Zealand with your cat, why not write a letter to the New Zealand pet office.

You may think that you would like to visit New Zealand when you get older but in all likely hood you will be very busy at the time so may not have the time.

I have put a link to the newspaper.

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Sparklines in a google app engine listing of standard widgets

I have the following layout of my page:

I’m trying to get sparklines for each box. This is my code:

” style=”width:300px;height:50px;”>

” style=”width:300px;height:50px;”>

” style=”width:300px;height:50px;”>

And this is my code for the scrip in the page:
function onLoad() {
var s = document.getElementById(“sparkline_”);
var ss = document.getElementById(“sparkline_”);
var id = window.getComputedStyle(s,null).getPropertyValue(“width”);
var plot = google.visualization.createChart(ss.getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0]);
var plotss = google.visualization.createChart(ss.getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0]);


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