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My name is Irina Makhlin and I’m a complex system theorist in the department of Cybernetics at the University of Tokyo. I was born in Kazakhstan but I’ve lived in Japan for more than 30 years, have attended various schools in the country and now I’m staying at the University.

Makhlin adds that the behaviour observed in the artificial worm was not “understandable” and that it “smells rather a bit of a Dyson sphere behaviour”… even if the Makhlin’ worm shows some unexpected behaviours?…

“The activities in the gut of the worm change in a way that, from a biological point of view, is not understandable. First of all, it is not ‘vital’. It seems to be a function, maybe a kind of defence mechanism. So I think this is a really odd thing and I am very amazed by it”, says Makhlin, as reported by Discovery News.

It seems Makhlin’s worm is harmless

The system, if put in a closed habitat, was able to survive without any nutrients or oxygen, meaning the worm can not be considered as harmful.

In the past, a number of cases have shown that a harmful “life” is often “more of a system” rather than a




This is a brief guide to CEA or FCEA, also known as FICU services. This series of posts will cover current and potential changes to the FM service and support it provides.

Ceasefire at Fort McMurray

Ceasefire services in Fort McMurray have been suspended. The Federal government has indicated there will be no evacuation of people from the region unless required by provincial health authorities. This implies the service is only used when there is no local health response to a health emergency. This could include a influenza outbreak or a chemical spill. There are no rumours of further evacuation orders due to a climate emergency.

The modal shift from FICU to CEA

An increase in CEA will have a minimal impact on FICU services as the majority of Canada’s older adults live in rural and remote regions.

However, rural and remote areas are some of the hardest to access with the only means of transportation being ground transport or flight. These services are typically preferred over water rescue or air-based response services in case of an emergency.

CEA and the Canadian Falls and Freezing Assessment

Individuals who have difficulty accessing services due to remoteness have a way to access assessment services through the Canadian Falls and Freezing Assessment.

If you are at risk for falling and cold injuries, and would benefit from assessment and support, call or text your preferred assessment service at (833) 236-7325.

The aging of our health care system

In Saskatchewan, we have been witnessing an aging population for several years.

The increase in older adults can be seen in the increase in the number of FICU calls. It is also why the emergency service has experienced a decrease in service response time in many parts of the province.


The increase in older adults is also responsible for the increased risk of older adults falling and suffering a broken bone or fracture.


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