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first is a site that helps you download games, either cracked or the full version. Browse the site as normal. From the top of the page, click on any game that interests you, and then scroll down to where you see a blue button marked Extract or similar.

Even if youve used torrents for ages, its worth noting that they can sometimes be a useful source of potential new software that you havent heard of. Thats why weve gone to the trouble of researching the best sources of legitimate game downloads around. Our top picks are divided into two categories: hard to find indies and popular big releases that are well worth waiting for.

SoftwareZ is one of our most popular sites to download all kinds of software, apps, games and utilities, and it offers access to a great range of these on a pay-what-you-want basis. SoftwareZ is an independent, community-run and customer-funded site with a comprehensive archive of installable software.

best place for indie games is probably Green Man Gaming. Not only do they have over 500 games available, but they also specialise in many genres. Theres a huge range of quality software ranging from indie to self-published titles. Other top-notch sites include, DoaneGames and GeforceNOW.

Daedalus is probably the most well-known site for game piracy, and its also the only site that offers completely free downloads. Other sites like BitTorrent, ExtraTorrent and 4shared do have a paid element. For more information, see our FAQ about torrenting.

If youre a Windows user and you want to download great looking wallpapers, there are a few sites that have compiled some of the best available. You can choose to download an individual image or a ZIP archive with a collection of up to five images.