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HD Online Player (v Invasion Extraterrestre Temporada )

it’s a series to demonstrate that all the ways the universe plays for you. imaaya is your life mentor of misfortune as your own true partner. this is an explosive western sometimes slow pace comedy life about twists and turns in relationships and being fulfilled in life. the film is about love, friendship, problems in life, mood swings and how to overcome them.. pt. 2

following on from last week’s how i met your mother episode, where we learned that ted and victoria are in a relationship, this week finally makes that clear in one of the first scenes in the series. in fact, it’s so, er, suggestive that i’m tempted to re-title the series how i met victoria. anyway, ted is basically forced to tell victoria that he’s in a relationship, but when that goes awry, it’s all hands to the proverbial pumps for the main characters, who rush to effect a solution within moments and realize that they have the means to escape this current bizarre situation. how i met your mother (or htmf as it’s known now) is a show i’d never considered watching before, so part of me couldn’t help thinking it would be pretty much a waste of time. i was pleasantly surprised, as i found the first 20-odd episodes to be a witty, poignant and heartwarming tale of the dynamic between ted and victoria and their wonderfully dysfunctional friends and family. it builds to a heart-swelling and highly dramatic finale, and even as it draws to a close, it leaves you wishing the whole series had been five times longer. but which leads us neatly onto this week’s episode.

this week we delve into the maelstrom of the return to work, and essentially it boils down to this: who will be left at work? almost all the characters are left with a major problem when the series returns to ted and victoria’s apartment, and all the while, some character desperately wants to get the-a-relationship-from-hell over the line and get back to their own lives.

when the group finally gets the coordinates for the base, a rogue agent, dale maddox, tries to interfere, making his own risky deal with the aliens. again and again, haraway rescues maddox and costs herself her life doing so, even as the alien-looking characters start to take an interest in her. it’s an interesting stab at a heightened sense of stakes, but it doesn’t work as well as it might.
this is a chance for both the writers and actors to step up their game, and a change of pace from the action and suspense-heavy episode three. this places emphasis on the characters, and they’ve all gotten a chance to shine, particularly haraway, who i really liked. her character is marked by her dedication to learning all she can to track down the aliens, at the cost of her own feelings, and has to be shunned at the end of the episode, which is a nice moment.
each of the human beings in the series has a very powerful and justified impulse and drive to hunt the aliens down. the alien-looking characters of the show aren’t entirely removed from this, but their motivations are simpler and more urgent. for dale, his past with these aliens catches up with him, showing how the very nature of his experience could have affected him, even if he’s forgotten it.
it might also be a culmination of a build-up for the next full season, which is already in motion with the season 7 trailer dropping at 4pm today. the trailer shows more footage of season 6, notably showing a new “season 6” backdrop hanging in the sky, which could be the reveal of an attack coming soon. between all this excitement, we’ll have to wait until march 13 for season 7, which was originally expected to come out on march 29, until it was pushed back to may 2 to give new battle pass owners two weeks to earn all their rewards.