Bel Ami American Lovers Part 2 (2012) ^NEW^


Bel Ami American Lovers Part 2 (2012)

June 19, 2555 B.C. — AMERICAN AMATEURS. and by the end of 2012, fans will see Mick more than ever as BelAmi. You can also expect him to make frequent screen appearances in films like Transformers, Star Wars: Episode II, and Star Wars: Episode III, and it’s sure to be a lot of fun.

October 10, 2555 B.C.Two new all-American lovers join the Bel Ami team in the second part of American Lovers. Meet blue-eyed blonde Mick Lovell and dark-haired Austin. This time they will serve as part of the cavalry. “My boyfriend and I have always been together,” says Kristen, who plays Mick’s girlfriend, Julia. “It has always been one of our priorities. And that has always been the most important thing in our lives.” “We both think that if we become a couple, we will work better, and we can certainly become a couple in the film,” says Mia. “And it’s nice when you can play with someone,” adds Michael, who plays Mick. “It makes life more complete.”